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Nov 14, 2012 7:30am EST
the development of an energy surplus because of technological advances in exploiting both oil and natural gas resources, combined with new energy efficiency measures that will greatly reduce u.s. energy use. now, the u.s. has now predicted the international energy agency predicts the u.s. will be the number one producer of oil by 2020. it will also be probably close to the top of producers of natural gas. this will give us the wealth and income michael lind mentioned 1.5% of gdp. we need over the next what is it, 15 or 20 years to make up the shortfall in social security and 45% in medicare. well, the explosion moving from an energy deficit to an energy surplus will more than half close that gdp gap. so, we have an economic conditions that suggests that the challenges we face are the exact opposite of what the bowles-simpson grand bargain would impose on us as a growth strategy. the conditions that we're going to face over the next five to eight years, with some in the ration if we do the right things, are an ongoing shortfall both domestic and global demand, excess capital and labor, and exc
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
in this moment, very unsustainable. must make fiscal reform and energy reform, education reform. but anyway, second. in this moment i don't know whether this will mean that's been in this moment i consider the bailout is not critical for the country. >> why not? >> one, because the condition they can establish after you ask the bailout may be will be the same policies that the government trying to intimate in spain. an advantage in terms of finance countries, of credit, but i believe you have limited -- [inaudible] and this is a price, a medical term, maybe economic terms will be in my view would be my view, more than -- [inaudible]. the second, but the bailout we're talking about bailout not in the greater terms. bailout not depend only of the will of the spanish government. depend on the approval of the rest of the government's. >> particularly germany, right? >> because it is the most important country. but i am convinced the germans reject any totally the possibility spend go ask you don't spank you think germany will veto any bailout for spring? >> absolute. i am convinced of this. so
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
nonearmarker now is staying put at the appropriations level. fred upton, who's the chairman of the energy and commerce committee where a lot of health care and a lot of energy policy goes through, the committee of jurisdiction there, is going to be staying for another two years. and ways and means, which might see a lot of action with fiscal cliff, with tax reform, any kind of entitlement stuff also goes thruways and means, dave camp, another michigander is not going anywhere either. the judiciary committee which is headed by lamar smith right now, he's term limited, he's going to make a bid for the science committee. and he will find himself in competition with james sensenbrenner who has indicated he is interest inside that job as well. ralph hall, who's the republican -- who's the chairman now is term limited. also the transportation and infrastructure committee which is now headed by john mica, and mica is term limited in that role, and there are a few people who have seniority, but they either have committee assignments or are not looked upon as viable. it looks as though we are pass
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
of this committee, this oversight and investigations subcommittee of energy and commerce. trust but verify. and we are not very trusting today, as you can do from our line of questioning, and we shouldn't be. that judge, his widow in the previous panel, talked about his contribution to society in the great state of tennessee, and his life was lost but he was just one of how many. we're talking about far too many people. so i would just come in my last second, ask you, dr. hamburg and maybe dr. smith could come as well, do you think that the fda needs, because of this, to all of a sudden have us change the law so that you, and the fda or whoever succeeds you, as this broad authority over these little compounding pharmacies all across the country who are doing the right thing, not manufacturing drugs, just trying to provide a service, indeed based upon a just prescription and has to be written. this company was an absolute crooked operation, and they killed people, but i don't think anybody here should get confused between them and the typical compounding pharmacist at our corner drugstores all acro
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4